Desktop Printer Ink

Dye inks and pigment inks for use with HP, Epson, Canon and Brother inkjet printers. Specific printhead technology offer excellent color matching, no nozzle clogging, and enhance fade resistance.
Performance matching to OEM inks. Exhibits excellent clarity and no inter-color bleeding.

Sublimation Ink

Realcolor sublimation inks are made from high purity low energy disperse dyes. Provides excellent printhead performance and longer nozzle life. Various of sublimation inks such as medium temperature, low temperature, low VOC, and high penetration.

DTF Ink & DTG Ink

Besides CMYK+W colors, DTF inks can also provide fluorescent effects, providing up to 17 color combinations. Work with our DTF powder and shaker machine to achieve excellent performance.

DTG ink is easy to use. The result textiles are soft to touch, green and environmentally friendly, and durable to wash.

Inkjet Printer & Parts

Realcolor provides high-quality printer consumables and accessories, such as maintenance boxes, pick-up roller, printhead, inkjet PVC card, etc.  Realcolor provides one-stop service for printer consumables.

About Realcolor

Shenzhen Realcolor Ink Technology established in 2004, produce printer ink over 15 years. Provide high-quality inkjet products for global customers. As a national high-tech enterprise, we have obtained more than 10 invention patents and appearance patents. As an ISO9001, ISO14001 certified enterprise, we pay great attention to product quality and provide customers with the best service.

What Our Customers Say

We listen to the voice of customers and pursue 100% satisfaction. From all aspects of product quality, specification, packaging and transportation, we try our best to listen to customers’ requirements and meet various needs to the greatest extent.

Cooperación durante más de cinco años.   Excelente producto. Recomendado

Edison Caceres, Ecuador

excellent products and good customer service

Ramontte C., Philippines

Everything fine, prompt shipment and excellent quality!

Wilmer Soles, United States

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